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Let’s build the Bangladesh of tomorrow, together!

Driven by aspirations, Landmark Group is a Leading Real Estate Company in Bangladesh and finding innovative ways to drive growth. In every business that we are in, in every engagement we have entered, in every relationship, our human capital is the first point of leverage. Our people give Landmark Group its energy, culture and ideas. At Landmark Group we see people as partners in the nation-building process, shaping the Bangladesh of their dreams.

Our recruitment process is rigorous and, although it may vary in different countries depending on local law and practice, we always focus only on job-related skills and experience to ensure the selection is fair and transparent for all candidates.

"Landmark Group is built on talent and creativity, which we apply to help our clients achieve their business goals"

Abul kalam Azad

Chief Executive Officer, Landmark Group

The recruitment process

Line managers specify requirements for a particular position, including job-specific responsibilities, competencies and academic qualifications, as well as any other relevant information.

HR creates advertisements that are posted on our website.

Candidates apply online, and we confirm receipt of applications by e-mail.

HR evaluates applications and reviews candidates who have registered with Landmark Group previously. Profiles matching the requirements of the advertised position are chosen for the next step

Candidates participate in an initial interview, either in a video conference, or on the phone, or face to face. We are also trying out new technologies so we can interview people all over the world as easily as possible. One example is the Web interview: We send you an e-mail invitation with questions, you choose a time and a place to record your answers using a video conference camera. We then review your answers at a later stage.

In addition to discussing your experience and qualifications during the first interview, an HR representative assesses competencies required for the job and checks for an overall cultural fit with the organization.

We thoroughly train our recruiters and all employees involved in recruitment to select candidates objectively and in line with our recruitment principles.

Short-listed candidates are called in for a more in-depth discussion, during which the hiring manager assesses technical competencies required for the job.

We then inform applicants whether or not they have been successful within a reasonable time frame. Where legislation allows, we do give feedback to unsuccessful candidates if requested.

When making an offer, we follow these steps:

– The hiring manager and HR agree on the terms and conditions of employment.
– Academic and professional qualifications are verified
– Compliance checks are carried out for candidates where necessary
– After the candidate’s explicit permission is obtained, references are checked with current and previous employers.
– Where a work visa is necessary or required by local law, we check work-permit and/or right-to-work status requirements.
– We also obtain medical clearance, including a drug test where required.
– We offer the job to successful candidates.

Before officially joining the company, new employees receive appointment letter including the Landmark Group Code of Conduct. They have to read it, and declare that they understand and will adhere to it. After that, employment contracts can be signed.

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