Rajuk Approves Building Plans

Town Planning Clearance

At initial, a Town Planning Clearance application must be filled and submitted for Land Use Clearance according to RAJUK Town Planning in various regions of Dhaka Metropolitan city. The archives required for this leeway incorporates:

  1.  3 duplicates of 15cm x 20 cm demonstrating site delineate An in mouza guide of area marked by the candidate.
  2.  Receipt of required Government charge saved.

After this, a site assessment is done by RAJUK and a report with site-related data is given to the Town Planning segment. The site related data incorporates:

  • Location of land
  • Land use within 250meter radius of land
  • Name and width of nearest main road
  • Name and width of nearest road connecting plot
  • Existence of following within 250 m of the plot- main road, market, station, airport, historical structure, river terminal, etc
  • Average road benchmark elevation
  • Land use around north, south, east, west sides of land
  • Other important information

After exhaustive investigation of the report by the Town Planner, consent is given to the engineer organization or candidate for a two year time span amid which plan must be submitted to RAJUK.

In the event that a venture is viewed as extraordinary or enormous which is controlled by the Town Planner, extra data separated from the previously mentioned ones must be accommodated leeway. The extra data incorporates:

  • Proposed development
  • Total land area
  • Maximum ground coverage
  • Total floor area
  • Total number of floors above the plinth
  • Total number of basements
  • Total number of apartments for residential properties
  • Total floor area
  • Number of existing structures within the area
  • Approximate total electricity requirement
  • Approximate total water consumption
  • Proposed project development time in months with number of phases and duration of each phase
  • The covered area of each floor of each type of use in a table

Along with the above information, the following documents are also required:

  • Purchase ownership deed
  • Relevant deed and permission if the plot has been government allotted
  • Receipt of payment of the required fee
  • FAR calculation
  • Documents and drawings as per requirement
  • Town Planning Clearance, if required

Like non-uncommon activities, the report is examined by Town Planner, after which authorization is allowed with a legitimacy of two years amid which plan must be submitted to RAJUK.

In the event that the working to be built is in excess of 10 storied or over 33 meter in stature, at that point for RAJUK plan endorsement, Departmental Clearance from following 10 experts are required by applying in plain paper with area subtleties and related illustrations.

  • Department of power division (DPDC) for electrical load requirement
  • Water and sewage authority WASA for water consumption requirement
  • Titas gas & Transmission authority for gas requirement
  • Fire service for fire safety drawing clearance
  • Civil aviation for building height permission
  • Dhaka traffic control authority
  • Dhaka City Corporation
  • Department of environment
  • DCC Ward Commissioner
  • Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP)

Plan Approval

After receiving Town Planning Clearance and all the other Departmental Clearances, another application of RAJUK has to be submitted to the concerned officer/ committee of RAJUK for approval along with the required fee. The application requires the following data:

  • Name of applicant
  • Present address
  • Type of use of proposed building
  • Details of proposed land with area
  • Details of type of use with area
  • Measurements of a plot in all four sides with location of North, South, East, West in meters
  • Total floor area of the proposed project
  • Number of apartments per floor for residential properties
  • Number of floors above the plinth
  • Basement covered with a percentage of land area
  • Floor area of different types of use
  • The width of adjacent roads in front, rear, left and right side
  • Details of the existing structure if present
  • Set back length in meter on the front, rear, left and right side.

The documents required are:

  • Purchase/Gift/Exchange Deed of land
  • Allotment Deed, if allotted by Government
  • Receipt of payment of required fee
  • FAR calculation
  • Documents and drawings as per requirement
  • Land Town Planning clearance
  • Special project clearance, if required
  • Indemnity Bond, if required
  • Soil test report, if required
  • Required plan, elevation, section
  • No objection certificate of other departments, if required.

After relevant data along with documents have been submitted, concerned inspector carries out site inspection and provides detailed report to the concerned authority. The concerned officer then presents the documents to the “Building Construction” committee with recommendations required for plan approval.

After satisfactory fulfillment of all the requirements, the committee members of RAJUK approves the drawing with detail number and reference and delivers the approval to the Developer Company or applicant.

When you buy an apartment in Dhaka, you should ensure that the apartment has RAJUK plan approval. However, plan approval is not enough to guarantee that the building has been constructed as per rules and regulations as some developer companies may construct properties violating the rules and regulations. So apart from checking RAJUK plan approval, you should also be aware of developer company’s ethics and ideology and reliability in the real estate sector to ensure your home is a safe haven.


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