Commercial Real Estate Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Services

Landmark Real Estate Ltd. is a full-service real estate company, and our team has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you with any service you require, including the following:

Buying commercial property – Our real estate professionals can help you find and purchase a commercial property in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Not only do we fully understand the process of buying a commercial property, but we have connections in the industry that allow us to find the ideal location, building, and price for you.

Selling commercial property – If you’re ready to sell your commercial property, Landmark Real Estate can help you find the right buyer. Our commercial real estate company has experience in both buying and selling commercial properties, so we know how to market your property effectively.

Leasing and managing commercial property – Owning commercial property, such as an office building or apartment, can be very time-consuming and difficult. At Landmark Real Estate, we can take the stress of managing a commercial property off your shoulders by offering our expert commercial property management services.

Providing commercial real estate litigation support – Our commercial real estate company can provide litigation support for any of your properties.

If you’re interested in any commercial real estate services in Dhaka, Bangladesh, get in touch with the team at Landmark Real Estate today.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell commercial property, manage investment properties our dedicated experts can help. Call today at 01971888014 or Contact us online!

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